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Cakes and Rates

Have your cake and eat it too!

Cakes for any occasion can be made in almost any flavour and to fit any theme you can think of! Here are some of my most popular:



Light buttery sponge flavored with natural vanilla extract and layered with homemade plum preserve and Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream.



Smooth chocolate sponge made with Callibaut chocolate and layered with chocolate, vanilla or mocha Swiss meringue buttercream.

  *I also make a lovely Chocolate Fudge cake which also pairs well with these buttercreams (but let your imagination run wild!).



Delicate sponge flavored with the zest of unwaxed lemons and layered with either homemade lemon curd or lemon Swiss meringue buttercream and plum preserve. This cake is equally delicious when paired with vanilla or coconut buttercream and fresh fruit.


Apple Cinnamon

Rich apple cinnamon cake made with organic apples and layered with a Swiss meringue brown sugar buttercream.



Take the best banana bread you have ever had and imagine it as a luscious sponge cake. I love this cake best with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream but a "chunky-monkey" style with chocolate buttercream is amazing as well!

The rainbow cake is made using the basic vanilla cake recipe and then colored using color gels. The result can be completely psychedelic or subdued, it is your choice! Refer to "Rainbow Gymnast" or "Backyardigans Pool Party" under 'childrens cakes' to see examples.    



Many carrot cake aficionados have told me that this is one of the best recipes they've tasted - my Grandma can take credit for that! This is a little bit lighter than some of my other cakes but calls for pecans and raisins. This cake pairs well with Maspcarone or vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.


Red Velvet

This cocoa and buttermilk based cake hails from the southern United States. This cake is identified by its vibrant red color and the trademark cream cheese icing but I personally prefer to pair it with my Mascarpone Swiss meringue buttercream.  


Gluten-Free Carrot 

 This cake has the perfect blend of spice, coconut, fruit and nuts. Pairs perfectly with a very rich but not-too-sweet Maple Cream Cheese buttercream (adapted from Whole Foods Recipes).


Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry

Perfect mix of lemony flavor and blueberries. It could be frosted or simply drizzled with a little honey. 


Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake

What can I say, "It can't be called cake if it isn't decadent and rich." This chocolate version is rich, moist and makes your tummy happy!

Gluten-Free Banana

Take the best banana bread you have ever had and imagine it as a luscious gluten and refined sugar-free alternative! 



Pricing & Serving sizes


 Simple cakes start @ $50 for 9 inch
 **Gluten-free goodies start @$60, almond flour is pricey
Character/Theme & Fondant cakes start @ $65*
 Gumpaste figurines start @ $10 each.*
*number of servings is approx.15 and
includes one figurine
Decorated cupcakes start @$22/doz
**Rainbow cupcakes start @$30/doz.**+

What if I want a tiered birthday cake?
2-tiered cakes start @ $100
3-tiered cakes start @ $120
Wedding cakes start @$100/tier 

+ cupcakes come packaged in a box with holders to make 
sure your goodies arrive safely!

  Please see my FAQ page and my cake ordering page for
frequently asked questions!

Ordering is easy!

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