The Stanley Cupcake

Love cake? Cakes and cupcakes for every occasion...even Game 7!

FAQ about the Stanley Cake

  Who is the Stanley Cake?

   My name is Jackie and I am based in north Edmonton, Alberta. I have been baking and decorating cakes & cupcakes for over 7 years. All of my baking/cake artistry education came from the NAIT Baking & Pastry Courses and Michaels/Wilton Cake Decorating 6-course Series. I am not a pastry chief but I hope to be one day! :)


   Are your cakes made from scratch?

   All of my baked goods are freshly baked to order using the finest ingredients like unsalted butter, whole milk, sugar, locally produced eggs, pasteurized egg whites and Callibaut chocolate. You will NOT find any high-ratio shortening (similar to Crisco) or other wild-and-wonderful ingredients in my buttercream or cakes. Yes, that means EVERYTHING is made from scratch!


   Is your fondant made from scratch as well?

    Actually, I make my Marshmallow fondant from scratch and I have two favorite commercial fondant brands that I use: Satin Ice and Duff Goldman from Charm City cakes. Homemade fondant is highly labor intensive and the end-result is not always consistant...I need my clients to know that their product will be of the highest quality everytime! 


   What is the difference between a character or theme cake and a "regular" cake?

    First of all, there is nothing "regular" about a Stanley Cake but seriously.....I try to make every cake unique and very special. Character and theme cakes, like my "Big City Spidey" or "The Sophie" take a considerable amount of time to create (at least 10hrs.!) and I even incorporate the cake board into the theme.

   Simple cakes simply mean cakes such as "Espresso Treat" or "Retro Berry" with little or no fancy frills like fondant or chocolate decorations. All my cakes come on a custom made cake board. Has anyone taken a cake out of its box, on one of those flimsy, foil wrapped pieces of cardboard, watched it bend in the middle and fall to the floor?! I want to make sure your cake makes it to that special someone, be them sitting at the kitchen table or surrounded by 100 friends and family at the Mac.


   What is Swiss-meringue buttercream?

   Swiss-meringue buttercream is made from granulated sugar, pasteurized egg whites and butter (think of a "boiled" icing). It is my go-to buttercream, and it can be made with a variety of sugars and flavours as well as sugar-free substitutes


   Why is Swiss-meringue better than NA-style buttercream?

     Swiss-meringue and Italian-meringue are similar in that they are very stable, silky smooth and excellent in sculpted cakes. North American-style buttercream (made from icing sugar and butter) is too light and airy for use in a filled or sculpted cake. 


What about nut allergies or gluten-free?

   I have many different gluten-free and/or nut-free recipes that work well with both cupcakes and cakes. My Swiss meringue buttercream has only 3 ingredients: egg whites, granulated sugar and unsalted butter. 


   How can I contact you?

   Please call Jackie (587) 986-3832 or if you would like to celebrate with quality, handmade products and support a local mom in your community!